Viral Video From DU Canteen Shows Dead Ants in Samosa, Internet Says, ‘Chiti Meal’ – News18

Viral Video From DU Canteen Shows Dead Ants in Samosa (Photo Credits: Instagram/@du__india)

Viral Video From DU Canteen Shows Dead Ants in Samosa (Photo Credits: Instagram/@du__india)

Viral video shows dead ants inside samosas brought from DU university’s college, gets served with internet’s humour.

Having samosas in the college canteen is a classic craving for every student. But imagine: you’re all geared up to indulge in a piping hot samosa only to discover dead ants inside. Yes, that nightmare scenario became a reality for Delhi University students as a video showcasing ant-infested samosas went viral on the internet.

The video, shared on the Instagram page @du__india, displayed two samosas with a surprise addition of dead ants in the potato filling. The caption, “Ants are being found in the mines of Dyal Singh College. Me and my friend bought these from the canteen in Dyal Singh College and found ants in the food,” served as both a warning and a public service announcement to steer clear of the canteen.

Take a Look:

Soon, the comment section ignited with humour, as the increasing instances of such adulterated, low-quality food incidents became a trending topic. It’s no longer a surprise to anyone.

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“Chiti meal,” chuckled one user. “Special masala hai yeah,” chimed another, while a third quipped, “Not the canteen waale bhaiya changing the name from veg patty to non-veg patty.”

Some dubbed it as cumin, while others humorously referred to it as peri peri masala.

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Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time a university has come under public scrutiny. Earlier, a video showcasing a canteen worker engaging in an unusual practice went viral. The footage captured the worker, stationed in a large container, using his feet in a stamping motion. The content of the container, which appeared to be a gravy-based dish, was either being prepared or subjected to a thorough cleansing process. The incident, reportedly originating from the mess facilities of OP Jindal Global University (JGU), prompted the university to issue an official notice to both students and parents, reassuring them of a strict investigation into the matter.