Vigilance caught SSC taking 20 thousand, a bribe again caught in Railways – Rail Hunt

  • Vigilance team of West Central Railway, Jabalpur Headquarters took action

Jabalpur. The Vigilance team of West Central Railway, Jabalpur has trapped the Senior Section Engineer (SSC) of Damoh for demanding bribe by laying a trap. SSC is accused of demanding 25 thousand rupees for paying good duty. Five thousand rupees had already been taken in this, whereas he was caught taking 20 rupees from his subordinates.

Vigilance team caught SSC red handed while taking 20 thousand rupees in cash. This action has been taken on 9th July 2022. After the arrest of Senior Section Engineer, Rail Path (East) Damoh, Vigilance has started further. The employee had complained to the Senior Deputy General Manager about taking money in lieu of giving good duty, after which he ordered the Vigilance team to take action.

According to the information received in the media, a total amount of 25 thousand was demanded by the Senior Section Engineer, Rail Path (East) Damoh in lieu of providing good duty to the employee. SSC (East) Damoh had already taken some Rs.

In the Vigilance team of Jabalpur, along with Chief Vigilance Inspector Shailendra Ingle, Sanjay Mishra, YK Costa, Ravi Mishra, Ravi Shankar Srivastava and Ashwini Kumar Mishra, the Railway Protection Force personnel carried out the action. A report against SSC has been prepared and forwarded so that departmental action can be ensured. This action was taken under the guidance of Vijay Kumar Gupta, Senior Deputy General Manager, Jabalpur.

Earlier the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) In the afternoon of 10 June, additional raids were conducted on the Railway Health Unit located near Mangaluru Central Station. chief medical superintendent Including three people were arrested for being involved in the fake medical certificate breakup. While the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) In June itself, Vivek Langayan, a Senior Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Engineer (SrDSTE) of IRSSE 2010 batch, and Praveen Kumar, Chief Office Superintendent (ChOS) were arrested by the DRM office of the Ambala Cantt of Northern Railway for accepting a bribe of Rs 1.80 lakh.

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