VIDEO of strangulation of Indian American child: American school incident, white boy strangled for 4 minutes, angry among people for getting less punishment

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  • American School Incident, White Boy Strangled For 4 Minutes, People Angry After Getting Less Punishment

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In the US state of Texas, Indian American child Shaan Preetmani was harassed and strangled for about 4 minutes by the white boy of his school. The incident took place on May 11 at Coppell Middle School in Dallas. The child’s classmate made a video of the incident and shared it on social media.

it in the video
It is seen in the video that the blonde boy walks towards Shaan, an Indian American boy sitting on the bench and asks him to stand up to him. When Shaan refuses to rise, the white American kid gets annoyed and starts strangling him from behind. Squeezes the throat by bringing the elbow forward. While suffocating her, he pushes her out of her seat. Later, he knocks it down from the bench. Then he presses her on the shoulder from behind.

Indian American child is a middle school student
Shaan is a middle school student. The blonde child strangles Shaan for about 4 minutes.

People angry with the less punishment for white
The North American Association of Indian Students tweeted that Shaan was suspended from school for three days after the incident, while the child who strangled him was suspended for one day. After this, people are angry about the incident. It is being criticized on social media.

The Twitter handle of Advocate Ravi Karkara said – On May 11, during lunch at Shaan Pritmani’s Middle School, a student attacked her and strangled her. In the video, Shaan is seen sitting at the lunch table and the blonde student is asking him to get up from there. Shaan is heard saying that no, I am not getting up. No one was sitting here.

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