Video of an elephant goofing around with a Hyundai Santro in Assam goes VIRAL: Watch

Elephants are common in some parts of India and hence often come in contact with humans living around them. However, these interactions with humans or their means of transportation often bring the aggression out of these gentle giants. These incidents remind us of the capabilities of these animals. Recently, one such video of an elephant toying around with a Hyundai Santro in Assam went viral on the internet. The video was shared on the micro-blogging site Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda, showing the elephant playing with a small parked car.

The now-viral video was shot at Narengi Military Station in Guwahati, Assam, and shows an elephant standing in front of a car. The animal begins pushing the car in a circle with its trunk a few seconds into the video. People can be heard banging plates and shouting in the background in an attempt to distract the elephant. However, the animal eventually returns the car to the location from which it was pushed.

Watch viral of video of elephant playing with car

The IFS officer shared the video with the caption saying, “Toys-the gentle giants play with.” He added, “From Assam. Refugees in their own land.” The video has now got more than 27 thousand likes on the social media platform.

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When the IFS officer says, “Refugees in their own land,” he refers to the fact that the forest areas are reducing, constantly forcing increased human interaction with animals. These interactions can often lead to trouble for both species in more than one way.

A few days ago, a similar video went viral after business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared it. The video showed an elephant chasing a car full of people who seemed to have encountered the elephant while on their jungle safari. Later on, other people shared the whole video which showed that people in the car provoked the animal to chase the car in order to get exclusive pictures of the elephant with tusks