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“Vengeance Or Proxy War”: Delhi’s Top Police Officer On Arguments Against His Appointment

Rakesh Asthana said that a malicious campaign is being run against him. (file)

New Delhi:

Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana has told the Delhi High Court that the petitions challenging his appointment are not genuine PILs but openly misuse of the court’s platform for some hidden personal vendetta to derail his career.

Mr Asthana, in his affidavit filed in the Delhi High Court, said that the two organisations, Common Cause and Center for Public Interest Litigation, are professional PILs and exist only to file litigation as the only mode of public service.

Mr. Asthana apprised the court that in the recent past the persons running these two organizations for some ulterior and unknown reasons have initiated selective action against them with some vengeance.

He further said that as a part of this selective campaign, he is being prosecuted continuously by the two organisations, while outside the court those having control over the said organizations run a malicious campaign against him.

“This is happening regularly since he was appointed as Special Director in the Central Bureau of Investigation,” Asthana said in his affidavit filed through advocates Diksha Rai and Devanshi Singh.

“I say and submit that the facts given below are sufficient for me to believe that both the present petitioner and the petitioner before the Supreme Court of India are seeking personal vendetta against the deponent (Asthana). Hence, these petitions The affidavit states that genuine PILs are but an open abuse of the prestigious forum of this Hon’ble Court for veiled personal vendetta of any of them or of any person at whose behest my career was derailed against me. Several attempts are being made to take it off.

“I state and submit that as a part of this selective campaign against me, continuous proceedings are being filed against me by these two organizations, while outside the court the people having control of the said organization have a malicious action against me. Let us lead the operation. This has been done regularly since I was appointed as Special Director in the Central Bureau of Investigation,” read the affidavit filed by Mr. Asthana.

Mr Asthana said that a malicious campaign is being run against him through tweets or articles or shadow PILs.

Urging the court not to allow such attempts against him, Mr Asthana said, “It is presented under the guise of personal vendetta or proxy war PIL.”

The Center had earlier justified Mr Asthana’s appointment as the Delhi Police Commissioner, saying he was given the assignment as he had knowledge of the complexities of governance and the nuances of broad canvas policing.

The Center urged the Delhi High Court to dismiss the petition as well as the petition challenging the appointment of Mr Asthana as the Delhi Police Commissioner with exemplary cost.

The court was hearing a petition filed by Sadar Alam, seeking appointment of Rakesh Asthana, IPS, Delhi Police Commissioner by the central government and inter-cadre deputation and extension of service on July 27, 2021, of the ACC.

Advocate Prashant Bhushan had also filed an intervention application in the matter.


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