Varun Dhawan SURPRISES Fans By Making A Special Appearance In Priyanka Chopra Starrer Citadel, Watch

Varun Dhawan made a special appearance in one of the latest episodes of Citadel.

Varun Dhawan made a special appearance in one of the latest episodes of Citadel.

In the fifth episode of Gadh, Varun Dhawan made an interesting cameo, leaving his fans in awe.

Priyanka Chopra, who has now cemented her place in Hollywood after several projects like Quantico and The Matrix Resurrection, can be seen in the Russo Brothers pan-global series Citadel. The thriller series also stars Richard Madden in the lead role and has managed to enthrall the audience so far, as evidenced by its stellar reviews.

Adding to that excitement, Varun Dhawan, who will play a pivotal role in the Indian installment of Citadel, surprised fans with his brief cameo in the fifth episode.

For Detectives, the backstory of Priyanka Chopra who plays detective Nadia Singh is shown through a series of flashbacks, one of which unfolds eight years ago when she comes in contact with dreaded terrorist Rahi Gambhir Was. Following this, she is confronted by Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Osi Ikhile (Carter Spence) about why Che chose to negotiate with Gambhir. That’s when Nadia makes a big disclosure to him that he is his father. While the role is essayed by Paul Beazley, voiced by Varun Dhawan, who was also included in the end credits with a special thanks.

Watch the clip here.

Talking about her latest outing Garh, Priyanka Chopra Jonas plays the role of Nadia Singh, a cold-blooded confident woman. He has a lot of missions to carry with an equal amount of hidden secrets. Meanwhile, Richard Madden plays Mason Kane, a powerful detective who has a complicated history with Nadia. The story takes an exciting turn as it jumps forward eight years with the global spy agency being destroyed by an infamous but nefarious organization called Manticore. But Nadia and Mason now live completely separate lives, separated from their past identities by erasing them from their memories. They remain apart until they reunite to head out on a wild trip together when Mason is tracked down by a former Citadel colleague. The dire need of the hour is to stop the Manticore from establishing a new world order.

The Indian version of Citadel will be headlined by The Family Man directors Raj and DK. The director duo recently gave the hit series Farzi starring Shahid Kapoor. While the team has remained tight-lipped about Citadel India, Priyanka Chopra recently opened up about it and revealed that the stories are intertwined. She further mentioned that she can’t wait to see Raj and DK’s work and lauded the filmmakers, saying, “Raj and DK are so amazing, so talented and they will bring their own spin to the Indian instalment.” . So, I’m very excited.”

Asked what advice she has for Varun and Samantha, Priyanka said, “I don’t think I can give them any advice. They are such accomplished actors in their own way. I can’t say anything. I recently I met Varun at the NMACC event and he was telling me how the shoot was going and how excited he was. There are some really cool threads that connect the other installments to our installment, so we’re talking about those Were.