Uzair Hassan is progressing by leaps and bounds on the path of success

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Published: Tuesday, July 12, 2022, 12:59 [IST]

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Rarely do we meet people who have high hopes and big dreams to achieve greatness and pursue their passion. One such example is that of the great gentleman Uzair Hasan. He is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Maxum Digital and has also carved a niche for himself in the field of hosting and modeling.

Hassan’s agency, Maxum Digital, is a unique and unconventional digital agency that operates in the United States and Pakistan. His work has been appreciated by politicians and he has been invited as a social media expert to guest on renowned television channels to talk about the current/modern dynamics related to digital media and social media usage.

He has spoken in several interviews about how Maxam is working for the betterment of relations between Pakistan and USA and also how his company has helped many popular brands and foreign Pakistanis.

This is only one side of the story. From a very young age, Hassan had a keen interest in modeling and hosting. Along with her dedication and hard work, she has a charismatic and charming personality which made it easy for her to make her way into the media industry. He has done many advertisements in USA and Pakistan which also includes Fortune 500 companies. He has also hosted some events in Pakistan and states. His passion for modeling and hosting is something that he has always carried forward with his professional career in digital marketing as he firmly believes in never giving up. He is a creative person, always ready to go an extra mile to achieve whatever he dreams of.

Uzair believes that great things can be achieved only through hard work. From hosting to modelling, to building her own digital agency, only her hard work has taken her to where she is today. His mantra is to always look ahead, take risks, try things that others are afraid to try. He believes that whatever he has achieved so far is a result of his tenacity and that he wants to rise to the top in the world of business, digital and entertainment. His work is an inspiration to many youths who want to fulfill their dreams.

Uzair’s work is a prime example of that you can always have a professional career but also do whatever your heart desires. If you are ready to give everything then success is only one step away.

To find out more about Uzair Hassan’s life, follow him on Instagram @iuzairhasan

Story First published: Tuesday, July 12, 2022, 12:59 [IST]