Uttarakhand Lok Sabha Battle: Electoral Current In BJPs Favour, Says Survey

New Delhi: As the Lok Sabha ELections 2024 draw nearer to the calendar,  all the political parties are busy with the campaign process to get more voters for their party. Out of 543 Lok Sabha seats, Uttarakhand consists of 5 parliamentary constituencies including Tehri-Garhwal, Garhwal, Almora, Nainital-Udhamsingh Nagar and Hardwar. 

As per the Matrize News Communication’s Survey for Uttarakhand Lok Sabha Elections, survey  highlighted the Tehri-Garhwal, where 72.0 % is expected to be secured by BJP, while the 25.2 % expected for Congress and the remaining 2.8 % is expected to be secured by other parties. For the Garhwal constituency, the reports highlighted that the BJP is projected to receive 71.0%, while 23.1 % expected to secured by Congress and the remaining 5.9% for others. 

Similarly, in the Alomora Lok Sabah’s seat, the survey shows that 67.2% is expected to be secured by BJP, comparatively 26.3% to Congress and 6.5 % expected to secure others. For the Nainital-Udhamsingh Nagar constituency, the survey highlighted that the BJP will secure 63.7%, on the other hand, Congress is expected to get 30.2 %, and other parties are eliminated to receive 6.1 %. The reports for the Hardwar constituency highlighted that BJP is expected to lead with 54.9%, while Congress trails with 31.4 % and 13.7 % are expected to be secured by other parties. 

The parliamentary elections for all five Lok Sabha seats in Uttarakhand are scheduled to take place in a single phase on April 19, 2024.