US Police Officer Sues New York Police Department

A New York police officer, Alisa Bajraktarevic, has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD after nude photos she shared with her former lieutenant boyfriend 12 years ago were circulated among her colleagues. Bajraktarevic alleges that her career has suffered as a result.

Relationship with Lt. Rivera

Alleged Photo Sharing by Lt. Rivera

Lt. Rivera allegedly shared Ms. Alisa’s topless pictures in a group text with other officers, resulting in the rapid circulation of the photos, she claimed.

Union Delegate Discouragement

Ms. Alisa asserted that union delegates discouraged her from filing a complaint regarding the incident, with one purportedly telling her, “You are not the first or last woman this has happened to or would happen to.”

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Resurfacing of Photos and Subsequent Events

The photos resurfaced in April when Ms. Alisa was accused of interfering with officers during a traffic stop involving her then-boyfriend, Kelvin Hernandez, in the Bronx.

Legal Action Against the Department

Wider Circulation of Photos

Ms. Alisa stated in the lawsuit that once news of the investigation spread, so did her topless pictures, which were shared in NYPD group chats and text message chains, along with personal information such as her parents’ address.

Expression of Frustration

Ms. Alisa expressed her frustration with the situation, stating, “You do things in confidence. It doesn’t warrant you being treated like a piece of s**t.”

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