US calls China to desist its ‘provocative’ and ‘unsafe conduct’ against Philippines in South China Sea

south china sea dispute
south china sea dispute

South China Sea Tension: Amid tensions around the South China Sea, the United States on Saturday warned Beijing to stop “provocations and unsafe conduct” in the disputed area, especially near the Philippines maritime border. The latest rhetoric from the Biden administration comes days after several media reported China’s interference in the exclusive economic zone of neighboring Philippines.

According to a statement released by the US State Department, it said the Biden administration stood in support of the archipelago country and warned the Chinese Coast Guard to stop its “illegal” patrols.

The United States stands with the Philippines in protesting the continued violations by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Coast Guard on freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

“Recently published imagery and videos in the media are a reminder of PRC harassment and intimidation of Philippine vessels as they conduct routine patrols within their exclusive economic zone.”

America is monitoring all the developments

In addition, the US asked its biggest rival to desist from its provocative actions and underlined that the Biden administration is closely monitoring and monitoring the talks.

“The United States stands with its Philippine allies in upholding the rules-based international maritime order and affirms that an armed attack in the Pacific, including the South China Sea, would not harm Philippine armed forces, public vessels, or aircraft.” Coast Guard, will enforce US mutual defense commitments under Article IV of the 1951 US Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty,” the Biden administration said.

The Philippines has accused China of using ‘military-grade’ lasers against its ships in the South China Sea

China reportedly used the latest military-grade laser technology to target Philippine ships in the disputed South China Sea on February 6 this year.

The Philippines alleged that the Chinese vessel twice illuminated a green laser light towards its ship, BRP Malapascua, causing temporary “blindness” for its crew on the bridge.

Calling it a gross violation of an international treaty, it was claimed that the Chinese vessel also carried out dangerous maneuvers by reaching a distance of about 150 yards from the starboard quarter of the ship.

“The deliberate blockade of Philippine government vessels to deliver food and supplies to our military personnel at BRP Sierra Madre is a clear violation of Philippine sovereign rights in this part of the West Philippine Sea.” According to a statement issued by the Philippine Coast Guard.

south china sea dispute

It is notable that Beijing claims the South China Sea almost entirely as its own, putting it on a collision course with other claimants. Significantly, this was not the first incident when the Chinese military targeted other ships in the disputed sea, but earlier in August last year, it had made similar efforts to counter ships of other countries. However, this was the first incident when Beijing used the latest military-grade laser technology against a country.

China responds to allegations

Meanwhile, China, on the other hand, accepted the claims made by Manila but entered the Philippine Coast Guard vessel in Chinese waters “without permission”. In response to the claims, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “Chinese Coast Guard ships responded professionally and with restraint at the site in accordance with China’s law and international law.” However, he did not mention whether the Chinese military uses laser technology. No.

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