UPSC CDS Rank 11 Sanjiv Jajoo Clears Exam After 7 Failed Attempts, Says It’s been ‘Challenging’

Sanjeev, who comes from a civilian background, said he has the strong support of his family

Sanjeev, who comes from a civilian background, said he has the strong support of his family

Leaving behind a high paying job, AIR 11 Sanjeev Jaju prioritized his aspirations and devoted himself completely to the preparation of UPSC CDS 2023 exam.

After seven failed attempts, Sanjeev Jaju from Haryana has secured All India Rank 11 in UPSC CDS (Combined Defense Services) Exam 2022. Sanjeev’s journey was not without challenges. Balancing exam preparation with college and later a job was a tough task for her. “I faced the challenge of balancing my exam preparation between the demands of college and later my first job,” she said.

“Besides, the vastness of common sense poses another obstacle, as its scope appears to be limitless, leaving uncertainty about any subject. Memorizing historical dates proved particularly challenging. However, by following a structured syllabus and managing my time effectively, I was able to overcome these hurdles and make significant progress in my preparation,” he told

Inspired by the presence of fighter jets and helicopters near his college, Sanjeev’s dream of becoming a pilot in the Indian Air Force was awakened. His extensive research and fascination for the armed forces inspired him to pursue a career that would allow him to serve his country. However, success did not come easy for Sanjeev. He faced rejection seven times before finally achieving his goal.

“It is certainly disappointing when your chest number is not called out in the final list, but what adds to the difficulty is informing your family about the rejection. At such moments, it may feel as though no one respect, as non-commissioned officers (NCOs) load you into an army bus and drop you at the railway station, only to find that train tickets are not available to return home.” They said.

“These roadblocks can lead to a sense of defeat. However, after a few days, I try to reflect on individual actions and assess the mistakes I have made. This introspection helps me to improve. allows me to identify areas and find ways to make my answers more effective. With new determination, I once again prepare for the written test and SSB (Services Selection Board) interview, next SSB I go with great enthusiasm, energy and positivity.”

Sanjeev’s educational journey began at Bal Bharti School in Bahadurgarh, where he excelled academically. By securing a remarkable CGPA of 9.8 in class 10th and 94.4 per cent in class 12th, he laid a strong foundation for his future endeavours. After completing his schooling, Sanjeev actively participated in various competitive exams including JEE Main, JEE Advanced and IPU-CET. Sanjeev secured 604 rank in the IPU-CET exam, which led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) at the University School of Information and Communication Technology, he said. During his degree, Sanjeev switched to Information Technology (IT) and graduated with an aggregate of 85 per cent.

Coming from a civilian background, Sanjeev said he has the strong support of his family. His father is a self-employed person, while his mother is a homemaker. Sanjeev emphasizes that it was his brother, a chartered accountant with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), who provided him with constant inspiration and guidance.

Leaving a high paying job, Sanjeev prioritized his aspirations and devoted himself completely to the preparation of the exam. BYJU’S student said that a well-planned study schedule kept him engaged in the learning process.

Apart from academics, Sanjeev has always been passionate about sports. He also participated in extra-curricular activities such as playing an instrument in the school band, which he says taught him the value of teamwork and communication skills.