UP: Muslim Man Adopts Hinduism Along with his Wife and Daughter, VHP Congratulates Family

Another case of converting to Hinduism

In the same month, in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur district, a Muslim man changed his religion for the sake of his love and changed his name from Afsar Mansoori to Krishna Sanatani.

Afsar Mansuri, a resident of Kachnara village in Mandsaur district, is a driver by profession and fell in love with a girl named Radha, then both of them got married in a temple about five years ago.

Afsar Mansoori lived away from his family for many years after marriage and followed Hindu rituals. He also used to fast on Tuesdays and after that he decided to convert to Hinduism.

Krishna Sanatani, who adopted Hinduism, had said that he used to take patients by vehicle to the camps set up in hospitals in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

He met a young woman named Radha who was taking care of the patients. Phone numbers were exchanged between the two and then the conversation started.

Gradually love blossomed between the two and they decided to get married. The two had married five years ago in a temple.