Unaided private schools in Karnataka ask PM Modi to take action against Education Minister

The Karnataka unit of the Registered Unaided Private School Management Association (RUPSA) has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging unscientific decisions and arrogant behavior by primary and higher education authorities. education Karnataka minister BC Nagesh. Karnataka RUPSA chief Lokesh Talikate has demanded action against the minister as this development is against the progress of education in the state.

“Sir, we are very sorry to bring to your notice that some leaders under your leadership have failed to understand the spirit of your work. They behave like an uncrowned king. Karnataka Primary and Higher Secondary Education Minister are one,” the letter read.

“It is the strong duty of the state to provide quality education to every student of the state. But our ministers do not understand this and always work against it.

“You are aware of the effects of Covid on education. Students are facing problems due to lack of studies for two years continuously. To add to this, child marriage, child labor etc. resumed. Instead of focusing on such challenging issues, our education minister is embroiled in the controversial issue of textbook revision.

“It was unnecessary. Even after two months of reopening of schools, the result is that the government is not in a position to supply text books.

The letter further said, “Our ministers are using the NEP as a scarecrow. The State Government has not allocated any funds for the implementation of NEP. Responsible Education Minister is only indulging in nonsense for two years and has become a laughing stock in the society. “Therefore, we sincerely request you to direct the state government to remove him from the education ministry,” the letter concluded.

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