UN says greenhouse gas concentrations set a new record in 2020 – World Latest News Headlines

The World Meteorological Organization reported on Monday that greenhouse gas concentrations set a new record last year and rose at a faster rate than the annual average for the previous decade, despite a temporary decrease during pandemic-related lockdowns.

In its annual report on heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, the United Nations weather agency also pointed to a worrying new development: parts of the Amazon rainforest have been moved by a carbon “sink” that removes carbon dioxide from the air. suck on The source of CO2 due to deforestation and reduced moisture in the area, it said.

According to the report, concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide were above all levels in the pre-industrial era before 1750, when human activities “began to disrupt the Earth’s natural balance.”

The report came a few days before the release UN climate change conference begins in Glasgow, Scotland. Many environmental activists, policy makers and scientists say that October 31-Nov. 12 event, COP26. is referred to as In short, 2015 marks an important and even significant occasion for concrete commitments to the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

“The Greenhouse Gas Bulletin has a clear, scientific message for climate change negotiators at COP26,” World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Petteri Talas said of his agency’s report. “At the current rate of increase in greenhouse gas concentrations, we will see an increase in temperature of 1.5 to 2 °C above the pre-industrial levels of the Paris Agreement by the end of this century.”

“We are far away,” Talas said.

The report is based on information gathered by a network that monitors the amount of greenhouse gases remaining in the atmosphere after some amount has been absorbed by the oceans and biosphere.

“The shocking message from our report is that the Amazonian region, once a carbon sink, has become a source of carbon dioxide,” Talas said. “And it is because of deforestation. This is particularly due to changes in the global local climate. We have low humidity and low rainfall. “

Oksana Tarasova, head of the WMO’s Atmospheric and Environmental Research Division, said the results were the first to trace the Amazon from sink to source, but added that they were from a specific southeastern part of the Amazon, not the entire rainforest.

According to the WMO report, the global average of carbon dioxide concentrations reached a new high of 413.2 parts per million last year. Despite a 5.6% drop in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels, 2020 growth was higher than the annual average over the previous decade. COVID-19 ban, the WMO said.

Talas said that levels above 400 parts per million – which were breached in 2015 – are “major negative for our daily lives and well-being, for the state of our planet, and for the future of our children and grandchildren. There are results.” Makes a difference.”

Human-generated carbon dioxide emissions, mostly generated by the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and gas or cement production, account for about two-thirds of the warming effect on the climate. The WMO said that overall, an economic withdrawal last year due to the pandemic had “no apparent effect on atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases and their growth rates, although there was a temporary drop in new emissions.”