UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman Calls Out ‘Silence’ Over British Pakistani Child Abuse Gangs

LondonUK Home Secretary Suella Braverman On Sunday unveiled his plans for a new legal duty for people to report child sexual abuse, as he attacked the culture of silence around calling out British Pakistani male gangs behind such crimes.

The senior Indian-origin cabinet minister told media outlets in a series of televised interviews that new mandatory reporting legislation for England would target offenders who hold cultural attitudes incompatible with British values.

However, they have not been challenged within their communities for fear of political correctness and being called racist.

Braverman told the BBC, “The perpetrators are a group of men, almost all British Pakistanis, who hold cultural attitudes completely incompatible with British values.”

“Despite their activities being an open secret, they have not been challenged both within their communities and wider society,” he said, adding that “the willful turn a blind eye, the failure to act and the silence that has enabled ” this abuse”.

Under their new policy, it will be made clear that anyone working with vulnerable groups and children in a safeguarding role such as teachers and social workers “cannot get away with inaction”.

“What we have seen is a practice whereby vulnerable, white, English girls, sometimes in care, sometimes who are in challenging circumstances, are being stalked and raped by gangs of British Pakistanis. They are abused and harmed by men who work in child abuse rings or networks,” she told Sky News.

“We have seen institutions and state agencies, be it social workers, teachers, police turn a blind eye to these signs of being called bigots, out of fear, out of fear, out of fear of being called racist, out of political correctness. ,” He said.

The minister pointed to a number of reports about the “dominance” of certain ethnic groups, saying: “I call British Pakistani men, who hold cultural values ​​entirely at odds with British values”.

Details of the new measures are expected to be laid out by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday, a move welcomed by children’s charities which they hope will force people to legally report child abuse.