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Typhoon Kompasu: China’s 18th cyclone this year makes landfall 2 days after Hurricane 29

Typhoon Kompasu, the 18th typhoon of this year, killed at least 14 people, including 14, in a bus accident in the southern Chinese island province of Hainan on Wednesday afternoon, as incessant rains brought heavy flooding to northern China.

According to China global television networkIn Hainan, authorities have canceled all flights at major airports across the province and suspended local high-speed railway loop line service, as well as ferries across the Qiangzhou Strait, which connects Hainan to Guangdong province.

Fifteen people were killed and three others were missing on Tuesday in incessant rain storms in northern China’s Shanxi province, the local government said, displacing more than 1.20 lakh people. In another incident, 14 people were killed when a bus fell into a river in Shijiazhuang’s Pingshan County on Monday.

From October 2 to 7, Shanxi experienced the strongest autumn floods on record. Incessant rains have affected about 1.76 million residents in 76 county-level areas across the province, and 120,100 people have been relocated. About 238,460 hectares of crops have been damaged and 37,700 homes have collapsed or severely damaged, causing a direct economic loss of 5.03 billion yuan (USD 780 million), reports state-run Xinhua news agency. The largely arid province, Shanxi, has received five times more rain than normal since the beginning of the month, resulting in the destruction of dams and rail lines, the report said. Shanxi, a major coal producer, has also closed 60 coal mines, raising concerns over fuel supplies as China grapples with power cuts. As of Monday, the disaster had suspended 530 high-voltage lines of 10 kV and above, and power went out to 332,700 homes, the reports said.

Over 6,021 km of roads were also damaged, resulting in disruption of 32 sections of expressways, 72 highway sections and 3,238 rural road sections. As of Monday, 30 blocked sections of expressways across the province had resumed traffic, while 19 sections and 2,800 sections of highways and rural roads had been reopened. The power supply department sent a total of 12,948 personnel and 3,210 vehicles to repair the damaged facilities. The report said that now more than 95 per cent of the households that have lost power have resumed their power supply.

Provincial authorities set aside 50 million yuan (about 7.8 million USD) to support flood control and relief measures.

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