Type done in front of lover’s house, attempted suicide by cutting off hand, girl detained

Example The lover sat in front of the lover’s house. She even tried to commit suicide to get her lover back. Eventually he was arrested by the police. The incident is of Chanchal of Malda. The entire incident has created a stir in the area.

On Thursday morning, the girlfriend sat in front of her boyfriend’s house in Chanchal’s Lalganj. According to police sources, the lover’s house is also in Lalganj. According to the lover, his father used to work as a laborer in another state. The one he loves is also a migrant laborer. Earlier, whenever the youth used to return to the country from another state, he used to roam around with him. For two years the relationship between them was very good. More than once they go out and have physical relations. But the family members of the youth did not agree. In the voice of the complaint, the lover said that when he was sitting in front of the youth’s house, the youth’s mother also beat him up. It is known that the girl did not stop just sitting in type. He cut off his hand with a blade. He was sitting injured. Eventually the police came and arrested the girl.

The girl’s mother alleges that she wanted to marry her daughter somewhere else but she did not agree. On the contrary, his daughter has only one thing to say, she has to marry the boy. The girl’s mother also claimed that the boy had an affair with her daughter. The boy also promised his daughter’s marriage. But later did not agree. Meanwhile, the statement of the boy’s mother is different. According to him, his son is having an affair with another girl. There is proof of this. If someone wants to come and get married, why should he get married? However, a resident of the area claimed that the youth already had a relationship with the girl. However, Chanchal IC Sukumar Ghosh said, if the girl has any complaint then I can come and inform the police. In such a situation, there is no point in creating chaos in front of someone’s house.

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