Two Chinese citizens entered via Bihar: roamed freely in Delhi in a private car for 15 days, arrested while returning

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Arrested Chinese national.

Police on Sunday arrested two Chinese nationals on the Indo-Nepal border in Sitamarhi, Bihar. During interrogation, it was found that both had entered India via Sitamarhi and went to Delhi in a private car. After roaming in Delhi for 15 days, they were on their way back to Nepal. During this, SSB personnel patrolling the border arrested both from pillar number 301.

The two have been identified as Yuan Hailongz, 34-year-old son of Yuan Daofu, a resident of Hubei Xicheng Zhengjie Zhenhuang Chengchun in Wuhan, China, and Lu Long, son of Lu Jinping, a resident of Renhi Road Tongshan. Both the arrested Chinese nationals have been handed over by SSB to Sursand police station. They are accused of being involved in financial fraud.

Let us tell you, due to the open border of 1751 km between India and Nepal, this route is considered very friendly for terrorists. In 2017, SSB arrested Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Naseer Ahmed Wani alias Sadiq who was trying to enter India. Naseer Ahmed, a resident of Dolgam village in Jammu and Kashmir, was trying to infiltrate as a seller of Kashmiri carpets and Kashmiri goods. The list of arrests of terrorists from the border is long.

This item was found

Apart from visa numbers EA5390986 and BA9887948 from both the youths to Nepal, one black cloth, two mobiles, mobile power banks, half a dozen Indian sims of different companies, $ 103, five hundred Indian currency, ATM card, cigarette, medicine And boarding pass economy class has been recovered.

Arrested Chinese national.

Arrested Chinese national.

Traveled by private car for 15 days

Both the youths told in police interrogation, ‘Reached Kathmandu from China via Thailand. From there traveled by bicycle till Bhithamod border. After coming to the Indian territory, he took a car on rent and went to his friend Carrie on 25 May at a place called JP Green in Noida. Friend Carrie runs a mobile factory in Noida as well as a singing club called Ton Sang Ren Jian. After staying there for 15 days, they had reached Bhithamod back by car.

allegation of financial fraud

The name of the car driver, who is Santosh Thakur, was revealed by the police after checking the call details of his mobile. The police could not get any information about the whereabouts of the driver. In the application given by the SSB to the police station, both the Chinese youths have been accused of involvement in financial fraud.

SHO Navlesh Kumar Azad said that after interrogation, the process of sending both of them to judicial custody is being done.

In April, 3 Russian citizens were arrested with charas worth 1.5 crores

On April 2, the Immigration Department from the Indo-Nepal border in Raxaul in East Champaran arrested three Russian nationals Rolandgin Alexey, Jerdevvilia and Balasova Anna with charas worth Rs 1.5 crore. A woman was also among the foreigners caught.

On April 2, 3 Russian nationals were captured.  (file photo)

On April 2, 3 Russian nationals were captured. (file photo)

It is said that the three Russian nationals were going from Delhi to Nepal. No valid documents were found with them during the investigation. When the Immigration Department stopped them on the basis of suspicion and checked the bag, they were stunned. 25 packets of charas were recovered from the bags of the three foreigners.

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