Two Afghan brothers in Germany charged with murder of sister ‘due to western lifestyle’ – Henry Club

Two Afghan brothers in Germany have been charged with the murder of their sister. Which they allegedly wanted to punish because of his western lifestyle.

The men have been identified only as Syed H., 26 and Syed H., 22. GermanyHe is accused of seducing his 34-year-old sister, Mary H., at a meeting over US privacy laws Berlin Before her strangulation and strangulation and slitting her throat on July 13.

German prosecutors alleged that the brothers dismembered the bodies of the two mother-in-laws and then took a taxi to a train station with her body in a suitcase later that day.

Due to Germany’s privacy laws, the men, identified only as Said H., 26, and Said H., 22, are accused of luring their 34-year-old sister, Miriam H. (pictured), to a meeting in Berlin in July Is. is 13. , before strangling him and slitting his throat

Syed H., 26, and Syed H., 22, have been charged with the murder of their sister in Germany

CCTV footage obtained by German media In Berlin’s Südkreuz train station, Sayed and Sayed are shown carrying black duffle bags on the train.

The brothers are alleged to have traveled to Bavaria by train before passing to a wooded area near the home of Said near Holzkirchen, where they buried Mary’s body in a shallow grave.

Prosecutors claimed that the men wanted to punish their sister for her Western-oriented lifestyle, which did not conform to her archaic ideas of honor and morality, and her image of women.

Prosecutors alleged that the brothers dismembered the body of the two mother-in-law and then took a taxi to a train station with her body in a suitcase later that day (file image)

Notably, prosecutors said, they were unwilling to accept that she had divorced her husband after violent incidents, married him at age 16, and left a new relationship.

Maryam has two children – a daughter, 10, and a son, 3 – and they fled to Germany in 2013 as asylum seekers from Afghanistan.

The brothers have given conflicting details about what was inside the suitcase, including what prosecutors claim was Mary’s body.

While Syed claimed boxing gloves and dumbbells were in the bag, his brother Saeed refuted them and claimed that there were clothing and heavy class items inside, reports BZ Berlin Newspaper.

Syed allegedly identified himself and his brother as people caught in the CCTV footage installed at the Berlin railway station.

According to German media reports, Marie was told to live in constant fear of death and local people close to both of her mother-in-law said that her brothers repeatedly pressured her and her contact with others. tried to cut

A source told BZ, “Mariam was a good person. She is very scared after the divorce because her brothers terrorized her for reasons of faith.’

Mariam, an Afghan woman living in the same residence, said: ‘There are men who are just insane. I am also afraid that something like this might happen to me because I don’t even wear a headscarf.

Both the brothers have been in custody since August 3 and are serving life sentences if found guilty of murder.