Twitter launches Unmention feature to allow removal of tags from Tweets: How it works

Micro-blogging platform Twitter has a new feature that will allow users to “un-mention” themselves. The new feature called “Unmentioning” lets users have more control over their mentions. The feature is rolling out today for all users across all platforms including iOS, Android, Mac and the web.

The new feature, as the name suggests, allows you to remove the mention of your Twitter handle from any tweet. This would allow users to exclude themselves from the narrative, making it possible to leave conversations on Twitter. The new feature was announced by Twitter on Monday, and the company says it’s designed to let you “take control of your mentions and leave a conversation you no longer want to engage in.”

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Once a user taps on the new “Unmention” option, Twitter Explain that leaving the conversation will do the following:

untag your username: Your username will remain as text, but it will be untagged from the original Tweet and all replies.

stop mentioning the future: People can’t mention you again in this conversation.

Stop Notifications: You won’t receive any more notifications but you can still watch the conversation.

Once a user confirms that they want to leave a conversation, their username will be untagged from all Tweets in that conversation. This means other users are unable to tap and view your profile.

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The new Unmention feature comes as the latest step in the micro-blogging platform’s efforts towards curbing abuse on the platform. Twitter has said that the feature aims to allow users to remove themselves from unwanted attention.

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Twitter is currently embroiled in a failed takeover bid that Tesla CEO Elon Musk launched earlier this year. Musk, who offered to buy the platform for a valuation of $44 billion, has recently pulled out of the deal, and Twitter has threatened to sue the billionaire for wrongful termination of an ongoing deal.

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