Turkey-Syria earthquake UPDATES: Death toll crosses 25,000; close to 80,104 injured in Turkiye alone

5.3 million people may be left homeless in Syria after devastating earthquake: UNHCR

At least 5.3 million people in Syria would have been rendered homeless by the earthquake,” the Syrian representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Shivanka Dhanpala told a press briefing. “We are also leaders here in the security sector. Throughout Syria, we have a network of community centres, satellite centres, outreach volunteers and this helps us reach vulnerable populations. We have set up hotlines for all kinds of security-related issues that we use,” he said. Roads have been damaged due to the earthquake and this is hindering human access to the affected people. will need shelter assistance across the country. UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, is providing assistance to badly affected parts of the country. The agency’s main focus is on shelter and relief items, while ensuring that the collective centers provide adequate facilities to the displaced. as well as tents, plastic wrap, thermal blankets, sleeping mats, winter clothes etc. He pointed out that the most vulnerable among those affected are the elderly, the disabled and some children who have been separated from their parents.