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Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski accused of sexual harassment – World Latest News Headlines

According to the Odom family attorney, who did not identify, Mr. Lewandowski repeatedly touched Mrs. Odom’s feet and her back, became aggressive at various points, and when he made it clear that she was scolding him, he took a drink. threw away. Mrs Odom said in her statement that she feared for her safety.

Her husband, John Odom, an Idaho businessman, said in a statement that the family was considering legal options. Mr and Mrs Odom would not speak directly to a reporter about the allegations, and they have yet to file a complaint with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Mr Lewandowski did not comment on the allegations, and his Las Vegas-based attorney, David Jade Chesnoff, said only that “allegations and rumors change within minutes and we will not honor him with any further response.”

A man attending the dinner, who declined to be identified for fear of reprisal, told The Times that Mrs. Odom’s account was accurate.

Mr Trump, who often avoids direct interpersonal confrontations, has long been known to have a soft spot for Mr Lewandowski, and his aides did not respond to an email seeking comment on the Las Vegas encounter on Wednesday, asking Was it what Mr. Lewandowski would do? Will be in Super Pac.

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