trf: TRF threatens to issue an order to women directors of colleges in Jammu and Kashmir to perform ‘Surya Namaskar’. India News – Times of India

Srinagar: Resistance Front (TRF), a frontal group of Lashkar-e-Taiba issued a statement on Friday threatening Yasmin Asha, Director of Colleges of J&K, Department of Higher Education, to ask college principals to organize a massive virtual “Surya Namaskar” event on Friday for the Amrit Mahotsav celebrations.
Asha had issued an order on January 12 asking colleges to organize ‘Surya Namaskar’ programmes. “Yasmin Asha is on our radar and she will be targeted for maligning the sacred culture of Jammu and Kashmir,” the TRF said.
The TRF statement said there are “Wasim Rizvi-types” of people emerging in J&K who have no work but to “lick the shoes of the occupied regime”. This Yasmine Asha is one of them.
“To obey this decree Hindutva the ritual ofsurya namasakar’ There is nothing more than the imposition of Hindutva culture in Jammu and Kashmir (sic). The TRF warning note states that Delhi has punished Yasmeen Ashai-type goons and traitors who follow every crazy and controversial instruction.
The TRF, in its note, warned that this would not be allowed “at any cost” and that anyone who was involved in such “dirty programmes” would not be spared.
It warned parents to refrain from sending their children to such programs and asked teachers not to follow such non-islamic decrees