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Vadakkupatti Ramasamy has been directed by Karthik Yogi.

Vadakkupatti Ramasamy has been directed by Karthik Yogi.

Cool Suresh created quite a buzz when a video of him on a bed carried by his supporters after watching Santhanam’s Vadakkupatti Ramasamy surfaced.

Actor Santhanam and director Karthik Yogi, who tasted success with Dikkiloona, joined forces once more for Vadakkupatti Ramasamy. The film, inspired by Goundamani’s popular comedy, commenced shooting immediately after Dikkiloona’s triumph, proving continuous dedication to the comedic theme. The latest release Vadakkupatti Ramasamy proudly holds the distinction of being Santhanam’s film with the widest release, hitting over 600 theatres globally on its opening day.

Meanwhile, Cool Suresh created quite a buzz on the internet when a video of him on a bed carried by his supporters, holding Santhanam’s photo and striking poses with a tambourine after watching Vadakkupatti Ramasamy surfaced. The crowd is cheering slogans for Santhanam for his success. The location of the video is not given but it is outside some theatre in Tamil Nadu. The viral clip has caught the attention of many online.

People Media Factory is the production house behind Vadakkupatti Ramasamy, featuring music by Shawn Roldan. Notably, the cast includes John Vijay, MS Bhaskar, Ravi Maria, Maran, Mota Rajendran, Shadows Ravi, Seshu, Jacqueline, and others.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 garnered strong viewer support with its engaging content and contestant dynamics. Cool Suresh, a notable participant, faced eviction shortly before the grand finale. Reports circulating on social media unveiled intriguing details about his salary during the 75-day stint in the Bigg Boss house. With a fixed daily salary, it’s revealed that Cool Suresh earned Rs 25,000 per day, accumulating a total of Rs 18,75,000 for his time on the show.

Cool Suresh, a well-known figure in the Tamil film industry, gained prominence, especially during the promotion of Vendhu Thanidathu Kaadu, leading to his entry into the Bigg Boss house. His time in the house was characterised by instances of homesickness, expressing a desire to leave, and even attempting to escape at one point.

After his eviction, Suresh shared reflections on his Bigg Boss journey in an interview, praising Poornima’s authenticity in the final weeks, advising Maya to tweak her strategy, and expressing criticism towards Vichithra for what he perceived as camera-conscious behaviour. Despite the challenges and dynamics in the house, Suresh offered positive feedback about the other contestants.