Track maintainers do yoga on the side of the railway track in Bilaspur, where do they get energy – Rail Hunt

Bilaspur : The field staff of Bilaspur Railway Division did yoga on International Yoga Day. After reaching the field, they united on the side of the track and then practiced yoga. Rajendra Kumar Kaushik, Founder President of Trackmaintainers Association Bilaspur Zone present in the group and National Assistant General Secretary of All India Railway Trackmaintainers Union said that Yoga is such a power. Due to which every part of the body gets energy. The mind and body remain calm. The tension doesn’t even come close.

Many programs were held in the city on International Yoga Day. The main program of the Railways took place at the North Institute grounds. Where apart from officers and employees, their relatives were present in large numbers. Track maintainers in railways are called field staff. Because of them, the train runs on safe tracks. He also did onduty yoga on International Yoga Day and gave the message that it is very important for health. Kaushik, President, Establishment President of the Association of Trackmanants at Bilaspur Railway Yard, took the lead.

On this occasion, he said that Yoga is the gift of Indian civilization. It is such a power, that along with every part of the body, the mind and brain are also energetic and healthy. Where on the one hand yoga gives relief from all diseases. On the other hand, for those who do yoga, the global pandemic Kovid-19 does not even have an effect. Not only did people feel it for two years, but they themselves saw it practically.
That’s why he made a special appeal to all the track maintainers and asked them to do yoga by taking out at least 30 minutes in a regular day. Do yoga yourself and inspire your loved ones and friends for this. This will keep the body healthy and they will not have any kind of problem. By the way, the track maintainer will work hard. But yoga gives different energy.