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Tourism-linked states have priority in vaccination campaign: PM India News – Times of India

Vaccination campaign in Goa

New Delhi: Underlining the importance of the tourism industry that has been badly hit during the pandemic, PM Modi said on Saturday that India has given priority to tourist destinations in its vaccination efforts and the government has taken several steps to attract foreign tourists. have picked up.
He said, ‘It was not discussed much but India has given a lot of priority to the states associated with the tourism sector in its vaccination campaign. It was very important to open up tourist places. Now Chardham Yatra will be possible in Uttarakhand also. With these efforts, 100% immunization in Goa is very important.
Modi said, “Initially we did not say much about it because politics used to happen on this too. However, the central government has also recently taken several steps to encourage foreign tourists. It has been decided to give free visa to 5 lakh. Tourists coming to India.”
He said that loans up to Rs 10 lakh with government guarantee to the stakeholders in the tourism sector and up to Rs 1 lakh for registered tourist guides have also been set up for the revival of the sector.
“Imagine if hotel industry people, taxi drivers, shopkeepers are all vaccinated, then tourists will have a sense of security. Now Goa is one of the few international tourist destinations to have a vaccination shield.
On the record one-day vaccination Friday on the occasion of his 71st birthday, the PM said, “I have seen many birthdays and have always been nostalgic about it, but in all my years, yesterday was a day that left me deeply emotional. , ” she added.
Taking a dig at the opposition, the PM said fever was being touted as a side effect of the vaccine, but a political party experienced fever after Friday’s record. “For the first time, I saw a political party get fever late last night after achieving India’s vaccination record. Is there any logic to this?” he said.



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