Tom and Jerry will explain IPC sections on kidnapping-suicide-murder: A boy explained the strict law with a mouse-cat cartoon, viral on social media

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  • A boy explained strict laws with mouse and cat cartoons, viral on social media

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Kids or Oldies The classic cartoon Tom and Jerry has always made people laugh. But from these laughing, laughing, rattling each other, you can understand the sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). A Twitter user Apoorva Surya has made it possible. Apoorva has tried to tell about IPC through Tom and Jerry. This effort of Apoorva is going viral. Many users on Twitter believe that it will be very effective for children. It should be taught in school.

IPC Section-319: Causing hurt

The way both of them fight and hurt each other in the series, if seen under IPC, then section-319 applies. Under this section both can be charged with causing hurt to each other.

IPC Section-499: Defamation

To explain the defamation, Apoorva has chosen the part of the cartoon in which Tom along with his friends is making fun of Jerry. Under Section 499 of the IPC, whoever defames another can be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years or with fine. Or both the punishment will be applicable.

IPC Section-268: Public nuisance

The nuisance of any one person in a public place which causes trouble to others. This act comes under public nuisance under section 268. In such a case, if the charges are framed, the accused can be fined in the first instance and jailed for the second mistake.

IPC Section-364: Kidnapping with intent to murder

Any person kidnaps another person with the intention of murder. If he asks for ransom in return, then a case will be made against him under section 364 of IPC. If found guilty, it is punishable with imprisonment of up to 10 years and a fine. There is also a provision of life imprisonment.

The story of a mouse and a cat that sparked childhood

Tom and Jerry cartoons, which make people laugh with their jokes, are the result of William Hanna and Joseph Barbara. Together they produced 114 episodes for MGM Studios. After that, different people went on recreating Tom and Jerry according to their own. Movies were also made. Cat Tom and Rat Jerry would have a different story in every episode. Just the idea doesn’t change.

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