TMC insulted Goddess Kali, now insulted national symbol: Smriti Irani

HOWRAH: Union minister Smriti Irani on Tuesday hit back at TMC’s criticism of the national emblem atop the new Parliament building, saying it was not unexpected from a party that insults Goddess Kali and has little respect for the Constitution. Bureaucrat-turned-Trinamool Congress MP Jawahar Sarkar claimed that the lions of Ashoka in the original national emblem were “beautiful”, while those placed atop the new Parliament building were “offensive”.

“The leaders who have either defied or abandoned the Constitution over the years are expected to oppose the national emblem. Today they are scared. National symbolWhich is the pride of our country. It is not unexpected on the part of the party and its leaders, who insult Goddess Kali for insulting the national symbol,” Irani said at a press conference in Howrah.

Sharing pictures of both versions of the emblem in a tweet, Sarkar has said, “Insult our national emblem, the majestic Ashokan Lions. The original is on the left, graceful, majestic assuring. On the right is a version of Modi. , has been placed above. New Parliament House – annoyance, unnecessarily offensive and disproportionate. Damn it! Change it immediately!”

His party colleague and Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra also tweeted two pictures of the national emblem, comparing the previous structure to the one installed atop the new Parliament building.

While Irani claimed that TMC has insulted Goddess Kali, Irani referred to Moitra’s statement at a conference here on July 5, in which she had said that she had to worship Goddess Kali as a person by consuming meat and drinking alcohol. One has every right to be imagined as an accepting deity, as each person has his or her own unique way of offering worship.

Police have filed complaints against Moitra in various states for the remarks accusing her of hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus.

Responding to Irani’s allegations, the TMC backed its MPs about the national emblem.

TMC’s national spokesperson said, “It is a disaster. The four lions, who should be boisterous and principled, appear aggressive and disproportionate. This happens when opposition leaders are not taken into confidence and not consulted. This is against the spirit of cooperative federalism.” and senior minister Dr Shashi Panja said.

Criticizing the government for even questioning her appointment as minority affairs minister after the resignation of Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Irani said as a cabinet minister she is serving the country and all the communities in it.

“We had many heads of state who belonged to different religions. It is our constitutional responsibility to serve all and please no one. As Minister of Minority Affairs, I serve India and all communities, especially To those communities as deemed fit by the Constitution. To serve my office,” he said.

The portfolio of the Minister of Minority Affairs usually goes to the leader of the minority community. Sarkar had tweeted: “Hardcore Hindu, married a Parsi, given charge of Muslims, Christians. Is this BJP’s brand of secularism?” Responding to a question, Irani claimed that if TMC does not support NDA’s presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu, it will prove that the party is against tribals and the poor.