TikTok National Security Deal Delayed as US Seeks More Transparency on Algorithm, Servers

Deal between Biden administration and social media app TikTok further delayed wall street journal informed of.

The app has been a cause of national security concerns for the US and the Republican Party has also called for a ban on the app.

The deal has been delayed for a variety of reasons, such as whether the social media app will share information about the algorithms used to determine which videos to show users.

There are also concerns about how much Washington will have to rely on TikTok wall street journal informed of.

The report, quoting TikTok executives, said that no additional demands were made by the US authorities in relation to the concerns.

TikTok’s owner, Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd., has spent nearly $9 million lobbying Washington over the past two years to rid itself of bad press it has received from the Trump administration.

A tentative deal was previously discussed between the Biden administration and ByteDance but the US Justice Department and other senior officials felt the tentative deal was insufficient.

The Committee on Foreign Investment is leading the negotiations on behalf of the US government.

It is a panel that reviews business deals for security concerns.

The purpose of the discussion was to reduce the Chinese government’s influence on TikTok’s US operations without severing its ties with China.

TikTok and the delegation referred to above agreed that the data of TikTok’s US users would be stored on Oracle Corp’s servers in the US. wall street journal said, citing people familiar with the developments.

TikTok has said it hopes to move US users’ personal data out of its own data centers in Virginia and Singapore as it paves the way for storing data within Oracle cloud infrastructure.

TikTok also said that access to US users’ data by anyone outside of a new department governing US users’ data security would be limited and subject to TikTok’s protocols, which would be overseen and monitored by Oracle. wall street journal Told.

Citing TikTok’s backers, the report said such an arrangement would give the US government control and access to a vast amount of information about TikTok that US social media companies do not have.

People familiar with the development said administration officials are wary of TikTok’s ability to hold enough consumer data to affect operations.

TikTok says that it does not collect any other information except for searches and browsing history within the app. Former US President Donald Trump called for a ban on the app but the Biden administration said successful legal challenges made such proposals unachievable.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco told wall street journal Chinese companies that are part of the country’s intelligence bureaucracy should not be entrusted with the sensitive personal information and communications of American citizens.

Addressing an event at the University of Michigan, Federal Bureau of Investigation director Christopher Wray said: “We, the FBI, have national-security concerns about the app.”

Ray said it could be possible that the Chinese government could use the app to collect information about US users.

It can also manipulate recommendation algorithms to serve promotional videos and use them to influence people who use the app.

Ray said the app could be used to access and compromise other apps and software on people’s phones and other devices.

If there is a deal between Tiktok and the Biden administration, it will also require Beijing’s approval.

China’s Communist Party (CPC) does not want US companies to have access to TikTok’s secret algorithms and other intellectual property, which is crucial to the app’s popularity.

ByteDance has not yet consulted the Chinese government about a possible deal with the US as negotiations continue.

Several Democrats and Republicans in both chambers of the US Congress have launched or will launch investigations into social media apps.

Republican Party Officials Are Planning To Ban Like TikTok India Done in 2021.

India banned TikTok in 2021 saying the app poses a security risk and safeguards the data and privacy of its 1.3 billion citizens.

India said that TikTok was stealing and transmitting users’ data to unauthorized servers outside India.

Republican lawmakers James Comer, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Mike Gallagher and Senator Marco Rubio said they would propose legislation to ban the use of TikTok in the US. Democrat Mark Warner told Fox News That said, TikTok has a huge mountain to climb in terms of agreements.

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