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Three-year-old Rahul was stabbed in his hand and taken to a government hospital in Kolkata.

Nilratan Medical College and Hospital or NRS revived the life of a three-year-old with a complicated operation. The child’s left hand was pierced in the farming scaffold. The doctors removed the sickle and cured the child.

Gaur Halder, a resident of Taherpur, was returning home recently after completing his field work. Suddenly she heard the screams of her three-year-old son Rahul. He went and saw that his son’s left hand was engaged in plowing. Not knowing what to do, he was taken to a local hospital. Nothing could be done there. After this the child was taken to Shaktipur General Hospital in Krishnanagar. There the doctors advised to take him to Calcutta. After that, without wasting any time, Gaur along with her son went to NRS Medical College and Hospital. After this the child was operated on. Head of Pediatrics Department Kaushik Saha operated on the child. The sickle blade is removed from the child’s left hand.

Gaur thanked the doctors for bringing the child out of danger. He said, ‘The boy is fine now, he can talk. He is feeling much better now. It would have been better if he had come earlier. An ambulance parked on the road broke down. Had I been right, I would have come much earlier.’


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