This time raid on real P: Raid on house and offices of Pushpraj, close to Akhilesh, IT search in 50 places including Lucknow

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Kannauj8 hours ago

Eventually the real P was raided. After the raid on Piyush Jain’s house of 200 crores, it was being said again and again that the Income Tax Officers raided Piyush’s house by mistake in P’s affair. While the target was P ie MLC Pushpraj Jain Pumpi. Well, after 8 days that mistake was rectified by the Income Tax Officers. On Friday morning at 7 am, the Income Tax officers reached Pampi’s house in Kannauj. Within a short time, news started coming that not only in Kannauj, but also in Kanpur, Hathras, Noida and Ambedkar Nagar, raids have been conducted in Pumpi’s factory and offices. Pumpy had launched Samajwadi perfume made of 22 flowers for 2022. He is considered very close to Akhilesh.

Not only Pumpi Jain’s place but IT raided more than 50 places in UP simultaneously. It is being told as the biggest action of UP. Out of these 50, 6-7 locations are of Pampi Jain. Searches are going on since morning at Jain’s locations in Lucknow, Kannauj, Kanpur, Noida and Hathras.

Apart from Pampi Jain, IT has reached the house of Mohsin, brother of perfume businessman Mohammad Yakub Malik of Kannauj. They are also said to be close to SP. A team of 6-7 officers is searching at Mohsin’s Kothi located in Hazratganj in Lucknow. Apart from this, most of the traders who have been raided here are associated with gutkha and perfume business.

20 businessmen did not open their offices
After the raid of perfume traders, about 20 businessmen did not open their offices. Let us inform that income tax raid is going on at the house of Mahavir Jain in Anandpuri in Kanpur. Search is going on in Expressway Road, Swaroop Nagar and Arya Nagar, including businessman Anoop Jain, resident of Anandpuri. Businessmen’s offices located on Expressway, Nayaganj, Ghantaghar and Birha Road are closed today.

The IT team has reached outside the office of Pampi located on the expressway in Kanpur.

The IT team has reached outside the office of Pampi located on the expressway in Kanpur.

According to neighbors, Pushpraj is in the house. His brother Atul Jain lives with his family at the house where the team has put Raid. Pushpraj’s family lives in Mumbai. They do not have any children. He has two houses in Kannauj. Let us tell you, Piyush Jain’s house is also in this Chuppatti locality, which is just 100 meters away from Pushpraj’s house.

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Told Bhaskar 6 days ago – Piyush Jain is a BJP supporter
Pushpraj had spoken to him 6 days ago by Bhaskar. He had said that Piyush Jain is not our relative nor has any relation with him. There are only Jains. We and the Samajwadi Party are being maligned. He is a BJP supporter. (Click to read excerpts from the interview…)

Income tax raid is going on at Pushpraj Jain in Kannauj.  He is present at home.

Income tax raid is going on at Pushpraj Jain in Kannauj. He is present at home.

A mistake made the biggest disclosure of the country: Income tax team reached Piyush Jain’s house instead of Pushpraj while tracking P Jain

Akhilesh was to meet today in Kannauj itself
Akhilesh Yadav reached Kannauj today. He also held a press conference here and surrounded the BJP government. Said that there would be IT raids before the elections, I had already told this. It is being told that Pushpraj also had to come here. But they didn’t arrive.

Pushpraj went to Mumbai after the raid on Piyush
The close relatives of Pushpraj Jain told that the day Piyush Jain was raided in Kanpur. Pushpraj Jain had left for Mumbai the very next day. Because, he had full doubts that the IT team could reach his place too. It is being told that he has met his chartered accountant in Mumbai.

It is also discussed that he has also arranged his necessary papers and cash. The Income Tax team had to raid Pushpraj’s house itself. But due to P-codeword, the Income Tax officials made a mistake and Piyush Jain came under his clutches.

Pushpraj’s business in 12 countries, assets worth more than 47 crores
Pushpraj Jain was elected SP MLC from Etawah-Farrukhabad in 2016. He is the co-owner of Pragati Aroma Oil Distillers Pvt Ltd. His father Savailal Jain started this business in 1950. Pushpraj’s big business of perfume is spread in more than 12 countries.

According to his election affidavit in 2016, Pushpraj and his family have movable assets worth Rs 37.15 crore and immovable assets worth Rs 10.10 crore. He has no criminal record. Studied till 12 in the college of Kannauj itself.

On December 23, the Income Tax Department raided Piyush
Piyush’s hideouts were raided on 23 December. After this, the name of Pushpraj Jain Pumpi, who made the perfume of SP, also started appearing. It is being speculated that after 8 days nothing special could be recovered in the raid at Pushpraj Jain’s house. Because in these days anyone can dispose of his property.

War and counterattack between SP and BJP
After raiding Piyush Jain’s place, the BJP told him to belong to the SP, and the SP told him by adding ties to the BJP. PM Modi was in Kanpur on December 28 amid the raids. Here he targeted SP. Said – Those who had sprayed the perfume of corruption in UP, today they are in front of everyone. Now they are not coming forward to take credit. In no time, Akhilesh’s counterattack came on this. Akhilesh Yadav from Unnao said- Pushpraj Jain was the real target of BJP. Our MLC Pushpraj Jain had made perfume under the name Samajwadi Party. BJP got its Piyush Jain’s house raided.

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