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The professor was named Paul Amadeus.

The professor was named Paul Amadeus.

The professor compiled a comprehensive list of future events spanning the next 2000 years.

The desire to predict the future is unavoidable. This has sparked several claims regarding future events among various sections of people. Some claim they possess divine knowledge, while others boost their ability to forecast the future through astrological methods. Individuals pretending to time travel are also a part of this discussion. A recent update is making waves in the realm of future predictions. Professor Paul Amadeus, originally from Switzerland, compiled a list of future events spanning the next 2000 years. Amadeus documented these predictions. Although the professor passed away, his students recently revealed these forecasts through a podcast.

In 1921, Professor Paul Amadeus became very sick and fell into a coma. When he woke up a year later, he said he had somehow travelled to the year 3906 and lived as someone else. There, he wrote down everything he saw and felt in a diary. He then gave this diary to his student, Georgios Paphitz. There have been several stories, much like what you’d find in science fiction books.

Professor Paul Amadeus wrote in his diary about waking up in a strange hospital where he couldn’t understand anyone. He thought he was in heaven at first, but then realised he was in the future. He predicted some surprising things such as in 300 years, there will be an increase in population and not enough food and water. He also said that by 2200, people would live on Mars, but it would hurt the environment. In 2309, he thought there would be a war between China and Western countries, causing suffering. After that, he believed the world would make a global government to stop wars.

Professor Paul Amadeus wrote that by the year 3382, humans will undergo transformation in their brains. This will give them a new way of thinking and a special ability called hyper vision. After a dark period of 100 years, a happy time called the golden age will start in 3400.