This Samsung flagship smartphone may be ‘dead’

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could be Samsung’s last Galaxy Note smartphone. (image credit: Samsung)

A new report states that Samsung is set to stop production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series that was launched last year.

  • Last Update:November 26, 2021, 12:27 pm
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The Samsung Galaxy Note series has been heading towards closure for the past few months. it is believed that samsung closing Galaxy Note smartphone, in favor of providing similar utility on its Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (and successor, according to rumours) and Galaxy Z Fold Chain. Samsung is rolling out S Pen support on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3, in what is also said to be a South Korean move towards pulling the plug on the Galaxy Note series. Now, a new report states that the company is all set to end the production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. Was this the last Samsung Galaxy Note ever?

According to a report in ETNews, Samsung is set to end production Galaxy Note 20 The series which was launched last year. If Samsung ends the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Note 20 will be the last Galaxy Note smartphone in the range. An ETNews report suggests that Samsung sold around 3.2 million Galaxy Note 20 devices this year, down from 10 million (approximately) units sold last year. This is being said as a final sign of South Korea’s decision to end the note series forever.

Now, while Samsung hasn’t said anything officially, it has been in the news for quite some time. With the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3 with S Pen support, it is being said that Samsung no longer needs the Note series as both these phones offer all the features that the Galaxy Note series was known for.

The renders of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have also suggested an S-Pen slot inside the smartphone – a distinct feature of the Galaxy Note series that sets it apart from the rest. It is being told that Samsung is putting s-pen slot on the upcoming flagships as the company will no longer be making Note phones.

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