This New App Can Alert Users When Their PC Sends Data To Google

If you are worried about the amount of data that Google can track and monitor on your behalf, then there is a new app which has been developed by privacy advocates to help you understand the process. This app basically alerts the user whenever their PC sends data to Google.

The app called Googerteller has been created by developer Bert Hubert, who is also known for creating the PowerDNS. Hubert has developed this app where it can work using the IP addresses that are linked to different Google services. So, whenever Googerteller detects your PC sending data to any of these Google servers, it alerts the user with a loud beep.

Hubert has shown a live demo of the Googerteller, running the app in the background while accessing the official jobs site of the Dutch government.

Google is renowned for accessing user data in order to enhance the user experience on different services. It also uses this data to give you personalised experiences. But even then, privacy experts have sounded out about the amount of data that Google receives from devices, some of them without their knowledge.

Google’s network is spread across different services, which includes Ads, Analytics and more. Having said that, the Googerteller seems to be giving us a fair idea of how widespread this situation has become in recent years.

To prove the worth of Googerteller, Hubert tested the app on the Firefox browser as well, showing us the deep links of Google associated with our web activities. Hubert has developed the app to run on Linux machines now, and you can install the app for free and take it for a spin.

We are not sure what Google does with all the data it picks up from your devices, but there is a definite need to control the access of these companies.

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