This iPhone Feature Will Tell You If Apps Are Accessing Personal Information: How To Use

Apple has started rolling out the App Privacy Report which is designed to help users understand the privacy practices of the app before downloading the app. The feature, paired with an Apple App Store label and LED indicator (for front camera and mic access), is intended to give users an idea of ​​the apps collecting their data. Now, with iOS 15.2 that debuted earlier this month, iPhone and iPad users are finally getting the App Privacy Report feature. “This is a great opportunity to review your app’s sensors, data, and Internet usage,” Apple explains.

This means users with an iPhone 6s or newer can access the App Privacy Report from the Settings app. To enable the feature, go to Settings > Privacy > App Privacy Report > Turn on App Privacy Report.

Apple states that users will be required to identify all data collected by third-party partners. This can be done through the App Store label available from last year. This way, users will need to cross-check whether the collected data has been disclosed by the developer. As for developers, Apple states, “You are responsible for keeping your responses accurate and up-to-date. If your behavior changes, update your responses in App Store Connect.”

Once you enable App Privacy Report, users will see the most recent data by any app. In my case, I can see that WhatsApp is my last seen app that accesses my microphone, contacts, photos and camera. In that case, the WhatsApp app already reveals access to these regions on the App Store. When App Privacy Reports is enabled, users can also see an app network activity that shows how many (and which) domains an app has accessed. Under Most Contacted Domains, users can check which apps have accessed that domain.

If you want to disable the app privacy report, go to Settings and select Privacy. Scroll down and tap on App Privacy Report and now tap on Turn Off App Privacy Report at the bottom.

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