‘They Do Not Have Guts’: Sanjay Raut Targets Modi Govt After Centre Holds Decision To Rename Aurangabad

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Maharashtra Politics: The Central Government informed the Bombay High Court that the city of Osmanabad would now be known as Dharashiv. However, the approval to change the name of Aurangabad to Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar is still pending. Uddhav faction leader and MP Sanjay Raut has reacted to this announcement of the central government. Who is scared, what laws are coming in the way, asked Sanjay Raut and what is the problem in renaming Aurangabad to Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar? The BJP controls both the federal and state governments, so why is this an issue and where is it coming from? Everybody’s watching.”

“If you dare, change the name of Aurangabad to Sambhajinagar,” BJP leaders roared during the Maha Vikas Aghadi government. At that time Uddhav Thackeray changed the name. The central government has now dropped this proposal. Why exactly Is?” Case? The decisions to change the names of Aurangabad and Osmanabad were made by Uddhav Thackeray’s administration. However, the BJP has not decided to take any position since then”, condemned Sanjay Raut.

“What exactly are BJP leaders afraid of? What legal restrictions prevent you from taking a decision on this? At the central and state level, the BJP is in power. So what is really the issue? In short, BJP members are hypocrites. They change Gave away the name of Allahabad. However, they do not have the guts to change the name of Aurangabad”, claimed Raut.

Raut continued to criticize the advertisement released by the Assam government. “The Chief Minister of the state traveled to Assam as a guest with the boxes. Did Assam receive the Jyotirlinga in return? This is absolutely wrong.” This is to inform you that there is a furore due to an advertisement by the Tourism Department of the Government of Assam, which states that Kamrup in Assam is the site of the sixth Jyotirlinga in India. The billboard features a picture of Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, and invites followers to Dakini Hill for Maha Shivratri on February 18. The opposition in Maharashtra complained that, after the industry, the state’s cultural and spiritual traditions were now being plundered in a commercial extolling the virtues of the 6th Jyotirlinga.