Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes defends her case in fraud case


San Jose, Calif.: Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes took a stand Friday to defend against fraud claims involving a now-defunct blood-testing startup valued at $9 billion.

Holmes is accused of making false claims about Theranos, including that its technology is more rapidly and more accurately diagnostic than a traditional laboratory test with a drop of blood from the prick of a finger. can run the test.

Once known as the biotech’s Steve Jobs for his company’s alleged innovative technology, Holmes faced nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy. He has pleaded not guilty.

During the two-month trial, jurors in San Jose, Calif., have heard the testimony of more than two dozen witnesses for the prosecution, including patients and investors, whom prosecutors say Holmes defrauded. At the conclusion of his case on Friday, prosecutors moved to dismiss a count of fraud in relation to a patient.

Defense attorney Lance Wade told jurors during initial arguments in September that Holmes was a hardworking young entrepreneur who had underestimated the odds he faced before Theranos failed.

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