The Word – Zelensky calls for more US aid, calling for America’s darkest days – INA NEWS Agancy

“A few minutes ago, President Zelensky reminded us that the United States is truly the leader of the free world,” Senator Mitch McConnell, a Republican and minority leader from Kentucky, said in a speech from the Senate floor. “So now is the time for us to act like this.”

Congress last week approved a nearly $14 billion aid package for Ukraine, more than double the Biden administration’s original price tag, in an unusually swift and bipartisan performance. But faced with Mr. Zelensky’s emotional description of a terrorist nation, lawmakers emerged from his presentation on Wednesday showing no hesitation about sending him even more aid, in what is likely to become a messy debate. Which falls apart along party lines.

While members of Congress generally agree that the United States should send more weapons to Ukraine, there remains deep disagreement about exactly what would be appropriate to provide.

Some of Mr. Zelensky’s requests, such as enforcing a no-fly zone, have been rejected by the Biden administration and NATO allies. Others are being considered more seriously by Republicans and Democrats in Congress, including providing Ukraine with advanced antimissile defense systems and drones.

And several lawmakers on both sides continue to call for help to move MIG fighter jets from the United States to Ukraine, despite questions about whether the country’s air force can also fly the planes and whether Russia will relocate. Will see it as a quick step.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, referring to Javelin, said, “They need more javelin, they need more gunpowder, they need more Stingers, they need surface-to-air missiles, they need More airplanes are needed, they need everything.” Anti-tank missiles and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

“Zelensky has the courage of his beliefs,” said Mr. Sasse. “The question he asked Congress and the United States government is this: Will we have our guts? We are a superpower. We must behave like it.”