The moment a BMW motorist ‘intentionally’ ran and killed pet cat before ‘laughing’ in owners’ faces – Henry’s Club

Shocking CCTV footage has emerged showing a BMW driver biting a cat in front of his frightened owners – and then laughing about it.

Alicia Robinson, 28, and Robin Newsom, 32, were at home on their quiet residential street in Halifax, West Yorkshire, when the driver hit their cat Ice on Tuesday, June 7.

Horrifying footage shows the driver driving his car down the road, then hitting a one-year-old white cat, who was trapped under the wheel of the car.

The couple can then be seen running out of the house to alert the driver.

Snow, aged one, was outside the couple’s quiet home in Halifax when the driver hit her, leaving her under the wheel.

It’s the terrifying moment when the couple’s cat was crushed by a BMW driver who was considering starting his own business outside their home.

The cat can be seen trying to escape from under the car in shocking CCTV video

Snow, named for his white fur, was taken to the vet, but sadly died of his injuries.

Her troubled owner Alicia says she is now having trouble sleeping since the incident, while Robin says the driver should have been more careful while driving.

Robin said: ‘He got out of the car and thought it was funny. He just ruined our family.

Robin Newsom, 32, can be seen running outside the house to inform the driver that he ran over the couple’s cat as it overturned

Here the snow can be seen lying on the ground in front of its clearly distressed owners and puzzled passers-by

Alicia Robinson, 28, said the driver was smiling, laughing and laughing after the incident

‘This is cruelty to animals. There’s no way you can’t see a pure white cat.

‘Every driver should take care, there could have been a child.’

After the gruesome incident, the couple confronted the driver and the man gave his information to them.

But Alicia said he has a ‘smile’ on his face and that he ‘laughs and laughs’ like he did.

Snow ashes have now been brought home, but the couple say their family is ‘broken’ by the incident

A man can be seen trying to tell

Alicia said: ‘We are upset. I am crying a lot after collecting his ashes. I am having trouble sleeping.

The couple has now reported the driver to the RSPCA, and they plan to approach the police.

They also sent him a vet’s challan but did not hear back. Now, they’re calling him to ‘do a good deed’ and reimburse him after cremating his pet and bringing his ashes home.

“We’re broken as a family,” Robin said.