The club asked to give relief of ₹ 3.5 lakh to the dismissed employee. Chennai News – Times of India

CHENNAI: A city labor court has directed the management of a renowned club – one of the oldest clubs in the country and which has city members as its members – to issue a . Compensation Rs 3.5 lakh to an employee who was terminated without proper domestic inquiry,
according to the petition P Srinivasan, he took leave only after taking due permission from the management, but was terminated on his return to work in February 2016. In response, the club’s counsel told the court that the petitioner has been issued several memos for misconduct over the years.
After going through the submissions, the Presiding Officer of the Principal Labor Court, C Kumarappan, agreed that the sentence of dismissal can be quashed.
“Once the sentence is set aside, the general rule is reinstatement. If we look at the record, the petitioner has been warned several times and the relationship between the management and the employee is strained,” said the court and said it was instead of reinstatement. just compensation and directed the management to pay a compensation of Rs.3.5 lakh to the petitioner within three months.