The Bachelorette’s Clint Earlis has died at 34… as seen on Season 11 of the ABC franchise – Henry’s Club

The BacheloretteClint Earlis has died at the age of 34, police in his Illinois hometown confirmed Friday, adding that his death is currently “under investigation” although “no misconduct is suspected”.

New of Early’s sad demise was shared on Facebook by her younger sister, Taylor, who revealed that her older brother—who shot to fame for Caitlyn Bristow’s Heart in 2015—died for the heart of Season 11 of the ABC franchise. Were – died. morning of january 11

Sharing a childhood photo of herself and Arliss with her brother Logan, a grieving Taylor wrote: ‘It’s so sad to inform you that my family lost their best friend and older brother Clint on the morning of January 11th. have lost. Lost it.’

Taylor did not disclose the cause of his brother’s death, although he said that his fans “respect the privacy of our family as we try to deal with this great loss,” adding that Arliss’s relatives will soon Will share ‘details on service’.

On Friday, the police department in Arlis’s hometown of Batavia said its officers had responded to a call about a ‘dead subject’ at a private residence shortly after 12 noon on January 11, and confirmed that he was now the former The Bachelorette is investigating. Star’s death. ,

In a statement to, a spokesman for the Batavia Police Department said: ‘It has been confirmed that Clinton K. Arlis had died.

Former Illinois Bachelor contestant Clint Earlis has died at the age of 34, his sister Taylor reveals

Tyre shared the news of his brother’s death on Facebook, where he described Arlis’ death as a “great loss” to his family.

‘The matter is currently being investigated by the Batavia Police Department and the Kane County Coroner’s Office, although no foul play is suspected.’

After news of Arliss’ death became public, her former Bachelorette co-star Bristow, 36, addressed her demise on Instagram, where she posted several videos of herself speaking on camera while offering condolences to her bereaved family. . ,

“Okay, this is an Instagram story I didn’t think I’d do tonight, but Clint, who was on my season of The Bachelorette, I’m going to say with sadness, has sadly passed away.” [at the age of] 34 years old,’ she said.

Before looking back on the complicated relationship their pair shared during their time on the reality show, Bristow said she wasn’t sure ‘what happened’ or ‘how it happened’.

“All I want to say is that from getting to know him on the show, even though things didn’t end on the best of terms for us, from his time on the show to the present day, I’ve heard nothing but incredible things. [Clint],’ He continued.

‘From his peers, his students, his coaches, his teachers, his friends, his family, Clint was highly respected in his world and what happened is an absolute tragedy.’

Arliss was kicked out of the show in the third episode, but before that sparked controversy among viewers.

During early episodes of the series, Arliss and her fellow contestant JJ ​​Lane were seen forming a close friendship, with the pair playing villains for most of their time on the show.

Arliss rose to prominence after appearing on season 11 of The Bachelorette, during which she fought for Caitlyn Bristow’s heart before ending up in the third episode.

Before his passing, Arliss was working as an architectural engineer in the Chicago area.

Bristow, 36, spoke about Arliss’ passing in a series of Instagram Stories videos Thursday night, as she offered condolences to her family

Although Arliss and Bristow’s on-air relationship didn’t end on “the best terms,” ​​the former Bachelorette offered sympathy to “anyone” who knew and loved her.

She said, ‘I don’t know much right now and it’s of no use to me.’

‘This Instagram story is literally for anyone who knows her, who can follow me, to say I’m so sorry.

‘This is such a great loss and I am honestly with myself with this news. If there is anything I can do, please let me know and we can all pray or be there for Clint’s family during this time. Lord, I am so sorry.’

Former Bachelor star Nick Viall, who appeared with Arliss on Season 11 of The Bachelorette, also paid tribute to his late co-star on Twitter, writing: ‘Heard of the passing of Clint Earlis.

‘I got to know Clint after our time on Caitlyn’s season and I’ve always had fun’ [our] time and conversation. A very kind, unique and talented person who passed away from this world very soon. RIP Clint.’

The news of Earlis’ passing was also shared by wrestling coach Scott Baer, ​​who works at Batavia High School, is the Bachelorette star’s alma mater in Batavia, Illinois, and is a close family friend.

In a series of tweets, Bayer described Arliss as a “beloved son” and “lovely big brother”, before hailing him as an inspiration to follow in the footsteps of teenage wrestlers.

Former Bachelor star Nick Viall, who appeared with Arliss on season 11 of The Bachelorette, took to Twitter to pay tribute to his late co-star

The news of Earlis’ passing was also shared by Scott Baer, ​​a close family friend and wrestling coach at his alma mater of Batavia High School in Illinois.

Arliss is seen talking with Britt Nilsson on seeing Bristow

Arliss was dropped from The Bachelorette in the show’s third week

“With a heavy heart and a feeling of deep loss, we announce the death of one of the all-time greats of the Batavia wrestling program, 2005 graduate, Clint Arliss,” Bayer wrote.

Clint was the beloved son of Coach Tom Earlis and his wife, Jamie, the protective, older brother and childhood idol of his sister Taylor and best friend of his baby brother, Coach Logan Earlis.

I have known Clint since his graduation, joining Tom’s coaching staff and the Batavia wrestling family in late 2005. I have found that he is exceptionally devoted to his family and deeply committed to the sport wrestling few of us have ever reached in our careers.

Bayer then drew attention to Arliss’s impressive record as a wrestler at the University of Illinois, where he spent most of his years as a 2x Big-Ten Champion, 3x All-American, and current U of Eye Head Wrestling Coach. Michael spent in Poeta.’

He concluded his Twitter thread: ‘His legacy as a fierce competitor, tireless worker, a caring influence for young Batavia wrestlers, a devoted friend and a loving son and brother goes far beyond his days. will resonate.

‘On behalf of all of us at the Batavia Wrestling family, we send our deepest and most sincere condolences to the Arliss family during this period of unimaginable heartbreak and grief.’

University of Illinois pays tribute to late student-athlete

According to Arliss’s LinkedIn page, she spent five years working as a project manager for Lendleys, a ‘leading property developer’ headquartered in Sydney, Australia, although her employment there is listed as ending in 2019. .

After his time at Batavia High School, Arliss attended the University of Illinois, where he received both his master’s and bachelor’s degrees, as well as competing as an amateur wrestler.

During her appearance on The Bachelorette, Arliss sparked controversy with her close friendship with fellow contestant JJ, with both producers and viewers fueling rumors that the two men had a budding romance.

After a particularly suggestive promo for the show, in which he was seen confessing his love for JJ during a one-on-one interview, Arliss tweeted: ‘Hey. Sorry dad?’ Adding the hashtag #brokebackbachelor.

His tweet sparked outrage in the LGBTQ community, with many accusing him of attempting to mock homosexuality.

Arliss, who was fired from the show in the third episode, later apologized for her behavior, explaining that her and JJ’s on-air relationship was only for ‘tongue’. [in] Cheek’.

Bristow eventually selected Sean Booth, but the pair split in 2018. She announced her engagement to Jason Tartic last May.

In the years following her appearance on The Bachelorette, Arliss has shied away from the public eye, reportedly deleting all of her social media accounts.