The army plane suddenly landed on the farm, and the Maoists again occupied the area.

An Indian Army micro-light aircraft made an emergency landing at Budh Gaya Police Station on Friday. The plane made an emergency landing in a field. Meanwhile, the entire area is under the control of Maoists. Panic spread in the area after seeing a plane coming down from the sky. Later curious people crowded around the plane. Although both of them are safe on the plane.

Prayagraj PRO Sameer Gangakhedkar said that the province landed at 8:25 am. Both aboard the plane are safe. The Indian Army will inspect the aircraft. Then it will be taken away.

Meanwhile, according to local sources, farmers saw the plane coming down from the sky this morning. Wherever they go they run away in panic. He later pulled both of them out of the plane. One wheel of the plane broke. He has demanded compensation.

Farmer Basudev Paswan said, “We saw the plane coming down.” Then he landed in the wheat field. There has been a lot of damage to the crops. During this, the police went and surrounded the entire area. However, the PRO said that during the adventure, the pilot was forced to land the plane on the field due to some technical reasons.