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‘The Alternative Nobel’: Delhi-based Law Advocacy Group Wins Green Award Delhi News – Times of India

New Delhi: Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment (Life), a Delhi-based environmental law advocacy group, received 2021 Right Livelihood Award, Sweden’s Choice for the Nobel Prize, on Wednesday for its efforts to protect the environment in India through the creative use of legislation and legal processes.
Established by Lawyers in 2005 Ritwik Dutta and Rahul ChoudharyThe organization has been an active participant in the National Green Tribunal representing vulnerable communities, fighting matters of environmental importance across the country.
Right Livelihood said Wednesday, LIFE “works with grassroots communities: it helps vulnerable populations to stand up against powerful interests and gives them a voice in the decision-making process, while strengthening institutions and reforms the laws”.
Other laureates include Marthe Vandau of Cameroon, Russian activist Vladimir Slivyak and Freda Heusen from Canada. The first Right Livelihood Award was given in 1980 and aims to recognize individuals or organizations that provide practice and exemplary solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the world.
One of LIFE’s early successes was a case against Vedanta, a British-mining company in Odisha, which became a precedent when the Supreme Court held that the local community consented to undertake such a project. the wanted. Right Livelihood said, “Since then, LIFE has continued to stand up against powerful interests that threaten the well-being of people and nature, to achieve better environmental protection for communities across India.”
Co-founder Dutta said that the organization was honored to receive the award, which not only served as a recognition of the hard work put in by them, but also the collective work and fighting of countless groups at the grassroots level. was recognized.
“Using the law as a tool, LIFE has helped groups participate effectively in the environmental decision-making process,” he said. “The award recognizes the centrality of the struggle of the people in the protection of the environment. It recognizes that the affected communities have the capacity and courage to take on the most powerful vested interests,” said Dutta. Similar organizations were also mentioned.
Choudhary, another co-founder, said the recognition will help him continue to work for communities across the country. “This will help us put more efforts to work for different communities and help us fight to conserve resources,” he said.


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