Thai Navy Ship Sinks, Rescue Operations Underway for Over 30 Sailors in Water

A Thai Navy ship has sunk in the Gulf of Thailand and ships and helicopters were working on Monday to rescue the sailors from the water.

Thai navy ship sinks, rescue operation underway for over 30 sailors in water
In this photo provided by the Royal Thai Navy, the HTMS Sukhothai corvette lies on its side off the coast of Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan province on Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022. A Thai Navy ship sank in the Gulf of Thailand and helicopters were working on Monday to rescue the ship and sailors from the water. (Royal Thai Navy via AP)

Bangkok: A Royal Thai Navy (RTN) ship HTMS Sukhothai (FS-442) sank in the Gulf of Thailand at 11:30 pm local time on Sunday, following a power outage and subsequent flooding of the vessel, according to the service. The Navy said as of mid-morning, 75 sailors had been rescued and 31 were still in the water as ships and helicopters worked Monday to rescue sailors from the water.

RTN’s official Twitter account posted photos and videos of the incident the same night, saying that the Sukhothai was on patrol 20 miles from the port in Bang Saphan district, central Thailand, when strong waves caused water to enter the ship’s electrical systems. Penetrated, resulting in loss of power and control for the ship as well as water entering the hull resulting in capsizing of the ship.

Strong winds whipped up seawater on the HTMS Sukhothai corvette on Sunday evening and knocked out its electrical system. The Royal Thai Navy dispatched three frigates and two helicopters with mobile pumping machines to try to assist the disabled ship by removing seawater but could not do so due to strong winds.

The loss of power allowed more seawater to flow into the vessel, causing it to list and sink. It occurred while the warship was on patrol at sea 32 kilometers (20 mi) from the pier in Bangsafan district in Prachuap Kheri Khan province.

While northern and central Thailand are seeing their coldest temperatures of the year, far southern Thailand has been experiencing storms and flooding in recent days. Ships were warned to stay ashore.

Published Date: December 19, 2022 9:33 AM IST

Updated Date: December 19, 2022 9:35 AM IST