Telegram’s latest update adds download manager, new attachments menu and more

Telegram started rolling out a new update to help users control downloads, share documents, rearrange media albums before sending, convert their channel to a TV station, and more Is. Users are advised to keep their apps updated for Android and iPhones to enjoy the latest benefits. Recently, the forum’s founder stressed the importance of privacy in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine turmoil. Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov is Ukrainian, in a Kyiv family by his mother’s side.

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Coming to the update, the company said in a blog post that users can now manage downloads better. Through a dedicated folder, users can prioritize downloads and check status. The platform currently allows users to send any type of files up to 2GB. Users need to tap on the icon or go to the ‘Downloads’ tab in the search to view and manage the downloading files. The iPhone version of the app is also getting a new interface to help users send attachments seamlessly. Once users have selected multiple images, they can customize the album preview using just the drag and drop solution. The Update Files tab shows recently sent files and lets users search for them by name. Similarly, the Android version is getting a new update that is already available on the iOS client. As a part of the update, the chat header will have a translucent finish to elevate the interface.

Telegram says the login interface on Android and Mac has been refined with intuitive animations. On Telegram for macOS, users will see a QR code login screen inspired by a matrix code falling down. The platform is also rolling out a new update to help users share contact details. The update lets users share a direct ‘’ link to your phone number which instantly opens a chat with you. Plus, with links like, anyone can preview profiles, posts, or entire public channels in their browser – even if they haven’t signed up for Telegram yet.

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Finally, Telegram group and channel administrators can start video broadcasting with streaming tools such as OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster. The tools will allow users to easily add overlays and multi-screen layouts – giving a professional TV station-like interface. To stream with these tools, start a new video chat in your group or a new live stream in your channel, tap the ‘Start With’ button and enter the information found there into your streaming tool. For better quality, Telegram recommends using software encoding (x264 in OBS).

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