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The school is located in the Ramanathapuram district.

The school is located in the Ramanathapuram district.

A school in Telangana has gone to extreme heights to make their system of education appealing to children.

Sending young children to school is often a herculean task for parents, more so if the education system is too traditional. Young children do not want to attend school, if they do not find it engaging or intriguing enough. That is why a more modern approach to schooling with innovative techniques are being applied so that a child’s formative years are well nurtured. A school in Telangana has gone to extreme heights to make their system of education as appealing as possible for children by converting the entire school into a train. Traditional schools will fail in comparison to this artistic and architectural marvel, which is gaining a lot of traction.

In the village of Maredu Paka, in the Ramanathapuram district , a primary school called My Chota Primary School has been transformed entirely into a train. The school principal’s room is in the engine at the front. The 7 rooms at the back have been converted into compartments and the children are being taught there. The walls inside the room were painted with beautiful figures and the whole ambience of the school has been changed to the liking of young children.

This school is so appealing to the children that do not throw any tantrums when their parents send them here. The whole idea is to invoke a sense of adventure with academics and learning and so the children enjoy their time here.

Principal Sammi Reddy likened the school to the experiences of a real life train journey. The primary objective of this school is to instil in every child the understanding that life is a journey towards achieving one’s goals. He elaborates that, just like travelling on a train, individuals encounter people of diverse religions and backgrounds, encompassing both good and bad influences, regardless of their wealth or status. Just as passengers on a train progress together regardless of their circumstances, students progress through various educational institutions on their journey of life. The underlying concept of the train theme is to inspire students to excel academically and ultimately reach their life goals.