Telangana Eatery Faces Rs 5,000 Fine After Man Finds Hair Strand In ‘Chutney’ – News18

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The customer also shared pictures of the chutney. (Photo Credits: X)

The customer also shared pictures of the chutney. (Photo Credits: X)

Although the restaurant replaced the food with a new dish, the man called it an unpleasant experience.

A popular restaurant in Telangana recently came under fire after one of its customers found a strand of hair in his food. Located in AS Rao Nagar, the restaurant—Chutneys— was also imposed a fine of Rs 5,000. The incident came to light after a customer named Srikhande Umesh Kumar shared his experience on the X platform, along with pictures of his food with hair. He also shared the bill, showing that he ordered idli, steamed dosa, mineral water and an “MLA” dosa, all amounting to Rs 521.

According to this post, he found the hair in the chutney, served along with the food. “Found a hair in the chutney at Chutneys, A S Rao Nagar, near Radhika, ECIL. Brought it to the notice of the Chutneys’ manager, and he accepted it and replaced the food with a new dish. However, it was an unpleasant experience,” he wrote.

Kumar also brought attention to the TDS ratings for the Bisleri water bottle that he purchased and wrote, “I would like to draw your attention to the Bisleri water bottle which I had purchased from Chutneys. TDS ratings were 80, 75 & 74 when checked at my home. Is it portable if the values are below 75?”

Furthermore, he expressed concerns about other negative reviews of the restaurant and tagged the Assistant Food Controller and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation in his post. His concerns eventually caught the attention of N. Venkata Ramana, the Assistant Medical Officer of Health at GHMC Kapra Circle, who requested that he file a formal complaint and provide photographic evidence. As reported by the Deccan Chronicle, the official subsequently inspected the restaurant and imposed a fine of Rs 5,000.

This incident came just days after the Food Safety Department in Hyderabad conducted multiple raids at various restaurants across the city including the well-known Rameshwaram Cafe. During these inspections, officials discovered large quantities of expired products, such as 100 kg of urad dal, 10 kg of curd, 300 kg of unlabeled jaggery, and eight litres of milk. Additionally, they identified various infractions at other establishments in Hyderabad related to cleanliness, invalid BIS licenses and water bottles with lower TDS ratings.