Telangana: 881 encroachments identified in 11 water bodies of Ameenpur. Hyderabad News – Times of India

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Hyderabad: Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) has given this information National Green Tribunal (NGT) that 881 Encroachment 11. Identified in water bodies In ameenpur.
Even the Indiramma houses built by the state were on the banks of the encroached lake. Notices were issued to 780 structures under Section 23 of the Telangana Water, Land and Trees Act (VALTA). TSPCB has informed that the remaining notices could not be issued as the owners could not be identified. Ameenpur Municipality had issued notices to 637 encroachers identified under the Town and Country Planning Rules. In its reply, the PCB said, so far 259 replies have been received from the encroachers stating that they have been living in those houses with necessary permission for the last 20 years. PCB prepared an action plant along with other stakeholders including HMDA for removal and restoration of encroachments of water bodies of Ameenpur. Encroachment will be removed by issuing notice. It was decided to construct pillars around the FTL boundaries of water bodies to prevent further encroachment. And, Rs 64 lakh has been sanctioned for this purpose, it said.
“FTL and buffer zones have been fixed for all the lakes. The meeting of the Lake Conservation Committee was conducted and alert teams comprising members from Revenue, Irrigation, Municipality, HMDA and Police were formed for the safety and security of the water bodies. The Tehsildar has been appointed as the ‘point person’ for each water body under his jurisdiction. The PCB said, “Display boards have been put up on every water body mentioning the name and phone number of the ‘point person’, while the Girdawar of the concerned division has been made the supervisory officer.”
The officials renovated the lakes under the Mission Kakatiya program and the work was done with a sanction of Rs 5 crore. The PCB said storm water drains would have to be constructed to divert the excess water flow from the upstream areas to Uskebawi and Shambuni Kunta. “The underground sewage network is in progress,” the reply added. The authorities had identified 10 industries upstream of Ameenpur Pedda Cheruvu. Fingerprint analysis of samples collected from tanks and drains in April 2020 indicates that there has been no discharge of industrial waste into the lake.


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