Tamil Nadu rain: Kayalpattinam in Tuticorin district recorded 306 mm of rain in 24 hours. Chennai News – Times of India


Madurai: kayalpattinam In Tuticorin District Till Friday morning, 306 mm of rain was recorded in 24 hours, which is heavy. Rain Due to the low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal, the South Coastal District intensified.
Tuticorin district recorded an average rainfall of 118.82 mm, and till Thursday night 639 people were evacuated from 16 submerged places to rescue shelters. This number came down to 503 in 11 shelters on Friday morning.
Tuticorin Port (266.6 mm), Tiruchendur (248 mm), Srivaikuntam (179 mm), Kulasekarapattinam (158 mm), Vapper (149 mm), Tuticorin Taluk Office (144 mm), Tuticorin Old Guest House (141 mm), Ottapidaram ( 121 mm) and Satankulam (121 mm) recorded very heavy rainfall.
Other places in the coastal district that recorded heavy rainfall are Kadambur (90 mm), Maniyachi (87 mm), Vedanatham (80 mm), Ettayapuram (78.9 mm), Kovilpatti (71 mm), Keelarasadi (59 mm). , Kaythar (58 mm), Surangudi (56 mm) and Kadalkudi (52 mm). Although rain gave a break at many places from Thursday night, but the rains till Friday night affected the normalcy.
Tuticorin Collector K Senthil Raj said that 187 motor pumps and two earthmovers have been installed to extract water from 177 places in the submerged areas of Tuticorin Corporation. More than 20,000 cusecs of water is being released into Tamirabarani river from Papanasam and Sarvalar reservoirs. tirunelveli Due to heavy rains in the catchment areas of the district, the water level of the river in Tuticorin district is likely to rise from Friday evening.
Tuticorin and Tirunelveli district administrations have advised people not to venture into the river for bathing, swimming and fishing. Tirunelveli also received heavy rainfall with an average rainfall of 80 mm. Palayamkottai (107 mm) recorded the highest followed by Manimuthar (94.6 mm), Cheranmahadevi (84.8 mm), Papanasam (81 mm), Ambasamudram (79 mm), Tirunelveli (76.2 mm), Nanguneri (64 mm) and Radhapuram (54 mm). mm) is located. mm).
50-year-old B Pandiammal of Kumarpatti near Sivagangai died of lightning when she was working in the field on Thursday evening.
Sivagangai district recorded very heavy and heavy rainfall at Singampunari (139.6 mm), Thiruppuvanam (114.6 mm), Sivagangai (96 mm), Thirupathur (84 mm) and Karaikudi (70 mm). The district recorded an average of 65.26 mm of rain till Friday morning.
Madurai district recorded 60.52 mm of rain, with Kalandiri (102.6 mm) the highest. Mettupatti (80 mm), Idayapatti (77 mm), Pulipatti (73.6 mm), Sholavandan (70.6 mm), Thaniyamangalam (67 mm), Vadipatti (67 mm), Kalligudi (66.8 mm), Chittampatti (65.2 mm), Melur ( 64 mm), Andipatti (62.4 mm), Peraiyur (62.2 mm), Tirumangalam (58.6 mm), Airport (53 mm) and Sathiyar Dam (50 mm) also recorded good rains.
In Dindigul district, Dindigul city recorded the highest rainfall of 103.8 mm as the average rainfall recorded in the district was 63.24 mm. Vedasandoor (101.3 mm), Tobacco Station (101.1 mm), Chhatripatti (80.4 mm), Palani (72 mm) and Kamchipuram (70 mm) are other stations in the district that recorded heavy rainfall.
Virudhunagar district recorded an average of 69.48 mm of rainfall, with Sattur (112 mm), Vembakottai (99 mm), Srivilliputhur (75 mm) and Aruppukottai (73 mm) recording heavy and very heavy rainfall. The average rainfall in other southern districts in the 24 hours till Friday morning is as follows: Kanyakumari (46.41 mm), Theni (45.96 mm), Tenkasi (36.24 mm) and Ramanathapuram (33.39 mm).