Tamil Movie Anandam Vilayadum Veedu has suffered after the pirated version was posted on the websites

The Tamil film Anandam Vilayadum Veedu stars Cheran, Gowtham Karthik and Saravanan. The film, directed by Nanda Periyasamy, is clearly suffering due to illegal HD prints being released on various websites. The film, which released on December 24, is getting a very good response. And now, the havoc of piracy is haunting the film and everyone involved in its production.

Movies like Anandam are usually not watched by fans in theatres. On top of that, its revenue is being further hampered by the fact that illegal copies were out on several websites on the same day the film was released. This means that all the people associated with the film were forced to suffer a lot.

After the news came to light, Anandam’s team went full force and lodged a complaint with the Chennai Municipal Commissioner. The complaint was filed against websites like Telegram, which have illegally posted the movie on torrent sites. The complaint states that the production house did not give the digital rights to the film, which were not given to any company or individual, and hence is entitled to compensation for the loss caused to the entire team.

According to reports, the complaint alleges that the actions of the convicts will not only affect the future performance of the film but will also affect the future of everyone associated with the film as they may not even recover their production cost. .

The police have assured the makers of Anandam Vilayadum Veedu that appropriate action will be taken on the complaint. At present, the investigation is being done by the police in this regard.

Piracy remains a prominent name for filmmakers irrespective of language and geographic regions. These actions hurt the small films the most because they are made with less budget and sometimes people also invest their savings.

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